Don’t just react to cyber threats, start predicting them.

In a digital world where your organization’s cyber risk is constantly changing and evolving and what you can “see” is only the tip of the iceberg, don’t just respond to cyber security threats—start predicting them—with Siege’s proprietary Threat Quantification Engine: Eprouvette.





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Cyber Attacks are like water— they flow around your defenses and find the gaps. With a powerful combination of proprietary tech and methodologies, coupled with world-class tools, Siege can help you Identify and remove hostile code.

At the core of our capabilities is a powerful suite of RE tool plug-ins, standalone tools, and modules to support advanced code analysis that allows us reverse engineer attacks on your network, and help clear out the problem.


Once your system has been cleared, you want to protect it from known threats. Over the last 7 years, Siege has developed a range of advanced cyber security solutions to monitor and protect against a variety of threats like supply chains and trojan attacks.

A powerful weapon in your arsenal for monitoring and protecting your assets, Siege’s Hauberk works with source or binary code to protect your systems from the next digital assault.


Most cyber security solutions focus on putting up a moat, and hoping that attacks come from the ground. At Siege we know that you can’t prove the absence of vulnerability. That’s why we built our Proprietary Threat Quantification Engine (TQE), Eprouvette, and have recently launched Torsion (DAST—Dynamite Application Security Testing). 

If you’re looking to model, map, quantify and predict attacker capabilities, you need Eprouvette. If you want to run automated scans of enterprise apps from the cloud, then you need Torsion.

Siege Technologies delivers offense-driven defensive cyber security solutions in the private and government sectors.

The Art and Science of Cyber Security


Little is more important to us than how we hire and maintain our staff. Our principals have over 100 years combined US Government or contractor experience. All personnel are carefully screened and eligible to perform research on sensitive programs for government and commercial customers.


What really makes us different is our perspective on cyber security. We don’t take the typical defensive posture—one size fits all—because it just doesn’t. There are plenty of cyber security products and firms that do that.

We’re different. We take a strong offensive posture for our clients. We help our clients with the heavy-lifting of analyzing threats, determining new threats, and building custom defensive tools to protect their properties. 


We were born out of disruption—for us, innovation is not just another cyber security buzzword. We were built to specifically create unique solutions. Each of our unique client solutions, and platforms that have spun out of that work, are a testament to our capability to look at your security problem differently, and develop a solution that’s as unique as your situation.

There is no one size fits all cyber security solution.

Whether you’re responsible for protecting and securing critical government assets or the next episode of that popular zombie show, you’re facing a constantly shifting landscape of threats. From malware to ransomware, from out-of-date authentication methods, you’re under attack from all directions.

At Siege, we have a unique view on dealing with cyber security threats. We believe that a good defense starts with a strong offense. That’s why we built our Proprietary Quantification Engine: Eprouvette. Eprouvette allows our customers to measure and predict attacker capabilities, identify critical network assets to protect and identify optimized defensive security configurations.

In 2015, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities discovered more than doubled to 54
In 2015, $1.1 Billion losses were reported to FBI, IC3 (internet crime complaint center)
The U.S. government has $14 Billion budgeted for cybersecurity in 2016
67% detected at least one cyber crime of businesses surveyed 10 years ago

What defines a world-class cyber security partner?


Siege’s proprietary technologies are leveraged to measure and predict attacker capabilities, identify critical network assets, and to protect and identify optimized defensive security configurations.

Offensive Expertise

Most cyber security companies focus on defending your system from known threats. Our approach is a little bit different. With a combined total of over 85 years experience our engineers and scientists believe that a strong defense starts with a good offense. To that end, we’ve built a one-of-a-kind team of offensive hackers to identify gaps in your system, and develop solutions to solve your problems.


Siege has been developing disruptive technology in the cyber security marketplace since before its inception. From conducting and managing advanced cyber warfare / cyber security technology programs to building world-class asset mapping, modeling and impact quantification technologies, Siege has helped its clients and partners manage cyber security threats for nearly ten years.

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